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This mentorship is otherwise known as the "Holy Grail" 1:1 mentorship. It will bring you to new heights within your soul and flying in the cosmos in 5D and beyond. You will be able to bring that beautiful energy down to your deep inner soul and body here in the 3D/4D earth and anchor it into mother earth.


You here the call deep within that says "It's Time to fullfull your mission on Earth", this mentorship make that happen! I with honor, will take the 36 years of wealth that I have learned over my spiritual awakening journey and crame it into a 3 month intensive mentorship for you!


With my guidance I will be able to get you to heights within your soul that you didn't even know that exist. We will discover clearly what your soul's mission on Earth is and rapidly move you into position. The hole in your heart will finally disappear because you will be fulfilled beyond belief. 

You are about to catapult into the highest version of yourself with ease, flow and Devine grace. The synchronicities will be fluent like your breath, Everything will line up for you with ease. Your life will unfold with beauty and grace it will be similar to just floating down the river. 

This mentorship is for those who are sick and tired of going at a warp speed. You are bored of the mediocre life. You are ready to do whatever it takes to heal yourself. And are ready to receive on a massive level.


This program is not for the people that want fluff. I am get er done type of gal. Life is to precious to goof off. So get ready to go full speed ahead. 


Yes, there will be homework. Fun, delicious homework that will make your transition to the new birthed version of you with ease. 


This mentorship includes: 

-1 to 1.5 hours 1:1 Zoom weekly for 12 weeks

-Transmissions, meaning powerful mini healings on the spot T -Th on Telegram

-Bonus including: "Coming Home, Embracing Your Essential Self Masterclass" which includes riveting shifts, that are crucial to your heart, nervous system and inner child. This class is valued at $1111.

-Additional bonus includes: "Activate Your Super Powers Masterclass", class 1 where you will learn essential skills on how to heal yourself. This class is valued at $333.

With unwavering faith you can accomplish anything; the impossible is possible. 


I am elated to be at your side for these 3 months. Congratulations on saying YES to this next level Spiritual evolution and transformation!


Regardless of how hard the past has been or how difficult life circumstances are now, there is ALWAYS a way out of challenging situations. Truly, we (humanity) are the holy spirit. We are unlimited beings of God. The freedom you want is fully possible and I am so excited to take you there!



  • Spiritual ascension into God consciousness

  • True remembering of who you are at a Soul level

  • The release of lifetime's worth of shackles and chains

  • Freedom to be, express and create as the powerful Soul that you are

  • The instantaneous, life changing healings that you personally need - through ALL levels of your being

  • Expect alchemical transformation of your pain, trauma and emotions into pure light

  • As you heal; your gifts, psychic and clairvoyant abilities will become more available

  • You will evolve into a new spiritual version of yourself

  • The more healed you are, the more powerful you become as an embodiment of God’s light, and the more you will be able to share your power with others


You’re already in your spiritual awakening. You have been seeking a spiritual healer that is powerful enough to hold space for you and facilitate the healings that you have needed for a very long time. You know you want to invest in your ascension healing journey because you’re ready to take a massive leap in your evolution. You’re tired of going around and around the reincarnation cycles here on Earth! You’ve had ENOUGH of heavy loaded trauma experiences! You are ready to live as God’s truth and light! You KNOW this is for you… but you’re still carrying around a heavy load on your shoulders that keeps you stuck in loops you don’t want to be in! When you work with me that will all be done. 

“I used to think that suffering was a curse until I came out the other side of it to learn and experience the massive power of my wins and know my value as a healer. My ability to support the healing of others never would have expressed itself without the presence of these challenges. So, bring me your struggles and your challenges and together, we will accelerate your healing, and bring you to your highest and best outcomes. It is my greatest privilege in life to be a part of your journey.” ~Marie

Pricing options: 

Full cost of 3 month 1:1 Healing Program is $8888 or 3 payments of $4295.


Your 3 month healing program is a quantum spiritual container of unlimited and instantaneous energy healings. Expect to transform rapidly in unconditional love. 


You will have a weekly call with me and your program also includes unlimited text/voice support with me Tuesday-Thursday. You can send messages any time, day or night, and I will be most available and replying to you Tuesday-Thursday. 


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