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Awaken the Power Within

Marie Autiello has dedicated herself to the path of healing and stepping into her soul’s purpose after facing the tribulations of a difficult life. From a young age, Marie Autiello grew up facing the hardships of childhood abuse, including sexual abuse. 



Mentorship containers to help you step in to your fullest power and energy.


Workshops to motivate, inspire, and ignite change within your audience or group.

1:1 Healings

A private container to help you release traumas, heal blockages, and ignite the power within.


Best Healing Experience Ever!!!

Thank you I wasn't sure what to expect in our session today but I am really happy and your healing exceeded my expectations.  Shortly after lying down, I got comfortable and relaxed and I began to get a slight chill. With my eyes closed I seemed to be seeing waves of energy. I could feel my body relaxing more. As soon as you called me back, you said all my chakras were closed except for the pineal gland. I told you that was one thing I worked on the night before. I do believe in the power of crystal healing and chakra cleansing. It was an experience I will not forget and I hope to return to you for help. Thank you for your feedback and I will try to keep it up.  It opened my eyes to continue to work on myself. 

Kim M. -Idaho

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